Can A Wood Burning Stove Be Eco-Friendly? What is Ecodesign?

Most people have heard the term “Ecodesign” being used in reference to wood burning stoves over the last few months, but many are still unclear as to exactly what it involves, how it works and when it will come into effect.

“Ecodesign” is a new set of requirements that will influence the way a lot of energy related products are manufactured. Among these new rules, wood-burning stoves will have to meet a certain level of regulatory criteria in order to meet the new legislation set out by the European Union.

In a similar vein to the current DEFRA requirements for wood burning stoves used in Smoke Controlled Areas, the new Ecodesign stoves will be vital in improving air quality.

The new laws come into effect in 2022, and any stove sold after this time will need to meet Ecodesign requirements. However, many manufacturers (and we are proud to count ourselves amongst this list!) have already started to manufacture Ecodesign Ready stoves to fulfil the new requirements.

For those people who have bought or installed a stove before the new rules come into effect, don’t worry! These are still OK to use. It simply means that non-Ecodesign stoves will no longer be available on the market after 2022.

Ecodesign stoves will result in cleaner combustion meaning that they will burn off excess, unwanted gases before they can reach the atmosphere.

As mentioned, at Arada, we have already begun the process of adapting our new stoves ahead of 2022.

Our Farringdon range is Ecodesign Ready and boasts impressive cleaner burning credentials. Not only does it exceed the new 2022 European regulations, but it also meets the even stricter North American EPA low emission levels. With the ability to burn at low levels for more than 10 hours, the Farringdon features exceptional controllability alongside a large fire viewing glass.

Compact and efficient, these stoves come in small, medium and large size, providing a stylish and contemporary option for heating the home. The Farringdon Catalyst Eco is our most efficient high output stove to date. Boasting a maximum output of 11.4kW, this wood-only stove still complies with the Ecodesign Ready Stove.

Our new Holborn stove also features the latest and best new heating technology to combine Ecodesign Ready credentials with a traditional style stove. The Holborn stove is more efficient than the average Ecodesign standards when burning wood or solid fuel and is approved for use in Smoke Control Areas.

Available in 4.9kW and 7kW outputs and also a 4.9kW Widescreen option with a large glass door for a truly beautiful flame view, the Holborn is a stylish and efficient choice for any home.

Being Ecodesign Ready, both of these Arada stoves are designed to comply with the new stringent regulations being brought into effect in 2022 – producing far fewer emissions than an open fire or an old style stove, ensuring this new era of home heating in successful in improving our air quality.

4th July 2019
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