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The best heaters to warm outdoor spaces

Discover the best outdoor heating options for your garden this summer to take enjoyment during chillier evenings to the next level.

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Arada outdoor heating appliances, Deck chimneneas and Garden HeaterLeft to Right: Deck Chimenea (Open backed), Garden Heater and Deck Chimenea (Closed back)

As the summer season approaches, our desire to enjoy the great outdoors starts to build. Whether you’re looking to cosy up under the stars or create an invite area for outdoor dining, the right heating can make all the difference.

From easy-to-assemble fire pits for those with limited space to stylish garden heaters that replicate the beauty of a traditional wood burning stove, we’ll help you choose the perfect solution for your home to keep you and your guests snug.

Best for small spaces

Bringing plenty of versatility, heat and convenience to gardens, the open nature of a fire pit means that not only can a fire be safely contained, but heat can be enjoyed from a 360-degree angle by you and your guests. While there is a huge choice of sizes on the market, Arada’s compact fire pits are the ideal option for those with smaller spaces to entertain.

A portable fire pit guaranteed to introduce heat and life to garden parties, the small Delta Fire Pit is designed to be easily collapsible so it can be stored away when not in use – and assembled in a few simple steps when needed, with no tools! Also available in medium and large sizes. The Terrace Fire Pit can be used for burning both wood and charcoal with an integrated ash pan allowing it to be used on grass and decking.

Arada outdoor heating appliances, Left to Right: Terrace Fire Pit Small, Delta Fire Pit Large and Terrace Fire Pit Small width=Left to Right: Terrace Fire Pit Small, Delta Fire Pit Large and Terrace Fire Pit Small

Best for all terrains

From small patios to expansive lawns and decking, an immediate way to add charm and warmth to your garden is with a chimenea. Available in a range of materials, sizes and styles, chimeneas are compact, easy to use and offer a more contained fire compared to open fire pits for example.

With two designs to choose from, Arada’s Teepee Chimenea and Deck Chimenea both offer distinctive character and qualities. Made from weather-resistant steel, the Teepee Chimenea boasts a modern aesthetic and is suitable for both grass and decking. The Deck Chimenea comes with a choice of either a double-sided or single-sided fire chamber – and can be used on decking only. Both chimeneas feature removeable ash pans meaning they are easy to maintain throughout the summer season.

Arada outdoor heating appliances Left to Right: Deck Chimenea (Closed back), Teepee Chimenea and Deck Chimenea (Open backLeft to Right: Deck Chimenea (Closed back), Teepee Chimenea and Deck Chimenea (Open back)

Best for bringing the indoors, outdoors

Looking to elevate your garden and take alfresco socialising up a notch? Arada’s outdoor garden heater combines the style of a wood burning stove with a strong 4mm steel body that is suitable to withstand all climates.

Perfect on a spacious decking surrounded with comfortable seating, the heater comes with its own integrated top flue and 1m long flue pipe, plus side-venting cap. This design increases flue draw for a better flame, whilst allowing smoke to draw upwards and away from guests. Plus, the heater comes with an optional pizza stone and extendable shelves offering an increased food preparation area. What’s not to love?

Arada Garden HeaterGarden Heater with optional extras

We do hope this guide has been helpful! If you are planning to move ahead with installing a stove, always speak to a qualified installer who will be able to advise on the best options for you. Find your nearest Arada stove retailer here.

Looking for additional ways to spruce up your garden this summer? Find out how to create the perfect garden for socialising and discover our full collection of outdoor heating products.

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Posted by Alexandra Newell
1st May, 2024.

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