Don't burn before you learn!

A) Save money and the environment

The correct fuel choice is one of the most important factors to consider to achieve efficient burning in your low emissions appliance. Wet wood is a waste- so seasoning your logs and ensuring they have a moisture content of 20% or less will lead to the best results. Wood that has been freshly harvested has a naturally high water content of 65 and 90% so care and effort taken to dry it out before burning is essential.

B) Keep your home safer

Installing a low emissions appliance correctly and regularly maintaining it will kick start its future use. First and foremost, it is essential that you use an installer who is part of a registered competent person scheme and is up to speed with all the knowledge needed for a safe and efficient stove installation.

Before completing the work, a full site survey should be carried out, ensuring that the area in which the stove will be installed is suitable for the appliance. This will include the size of the room and generating the heating requirement as well as other factors such as flue positioning and building compliance.

A major factor affecting the success of a low emissions stove is flue draught measurement. Most stoves will have a flue test point built into the appliance or flue spigot. This draught must be sufficient enough to ensure the appliance is easy to light and will maintain a good burn rate.

An installer should also have the knowledge to educate you on how to use a stove efficiently. This includes how to light your stove, guidance on fuel choice, using the appliance controls for efficient burning practice and also running through manufacturer’s guidance to pin point other vital areas of low emission stove use. Ensure that all this information is covered prior to an installer completing the work.

Having your chimney swept at least once a year and getting your stove regularly serviced will also help ensure your appliance is operating smoothly and safely.

C) Make your home healthier

Upgrading to an efficient low emissions stove will transform the way you heat your home. Not only will you have a greener form of heating, but you are also reducing the impact your home heating has on the environment.

Improving UK air quality is important to us at Arada. In fact it’s the number one focus for us when designing and manufacturing our range of stoves. Researched and designed with low emissions in mind we use clean burning, state-of-the-art technology combined with stylish looking appliances to produce the very best British product.

Low emissions stoves can product up to 90% fewer emissions than an open fire and 84% less than a stove produced around 10 years ago. Plus, low emissions come hand in hand with efficiency, reducing your heating costs and making the most out of your fuel.

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