Nine top tips for maintaining your stove


Use quality fuel

Burning quality fuel will ensure you get the best results when firing your stove and will keep it in tip top condition. Choose well seasoned (low moisture content) firewood that is sustainably-sourced. Avoid damp or treated wood as these contain more impurities as these will burn inefficiently, coat your flue tar and blacken your stove glass. Check the moisture content of your firewood with a moisture meter!


Sweep your chimney

We recommend that you get your chimney swept on a yearly basis - perhaps in the spring whilst you prepare your stove for warmer weather. A chimney ‘health check’ will ensure that your flue pipe or chimney are clear and safe for when you re-light your appliance in the colder months.


Spring clean

The appearance of your stove is also important. A spring clean will ensure it is in the best condition possible. You can give the exterior of your stove a good clean using a lint-free cloth or a clean shoe brush to wipe away any unwanted soot or dust.

Do not use water or a damp cloth to clean your stove.


Some elbow grease

It’s important to give the internal elements of your stove a clean too. Clean the roof of the firebox, and vacuum away any remain ashes or soot. Small wire brushes are useful for the more fiddly areas of your stove.


Clean the glass

Our innovative airwash system will help ensure your glass stays clean when used properly. However - if it blackens over time and you burn just wood, dip a damp cloth into the wood ash and use it to clean your fire door glass. Stove glass cleaners will also work.


In the summertime

Remove the throat plate and leave the air inlets open to allow a flow of air through the stove to prevent rust.


Get a new paint job

Your stove may also need repainting, so after cleaning, our anthracite stove touch up spray paint is simple and easy to use.

Ensure you have masked off adjacent areas and door glass before spraying in a well ventilated area.

After painting, leave the appliance for up to eight hours to dry and then burn a slow and steady fire to allow the paint to cure.


Give your stove some TLC

Check your stove components - particularly the internal elements of the stove. Make sure your door rope still maintains a tight seal and lubricate any sliders with a grease lubricant. Ensure your riddling grate moves freely and check over your grate bars for damage. It is also useful to check for cracks in your glass, check all clips and seals to ensure they remain intact and check your stove liners for any signs of cracking or crumbling.


Use only quality spares

If you do require any replacement parts or accessories, you can visit our dedicated spares site: Ask about our door refurbishment service!

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