Why it’s never too early to think about buying a wood-burning stove

Blog / 01.01.18

With so many contributing factors to think about, putting your money into a wood burner is a great investment, but a decision you'll want to take time to consider first. From different style options to budget requirements and fuel preparation, we explore some of the key reasons why now is the perfect time to start planning for your purchase in 2018. Read on for some top tips and handy hints on how to make the most of the coming months before investing in your very own Arada stove.

Consider your heating requirements

An important part of the purchasing process is first deciding which type of burner best suits your home; whether you're after an inset, freestanding or cassette stove, you'll initially need to determine where in the house it will be situated, and the size of the space it will be occupying. That way, you'll have a better idea of the amount of heat you'll need to warm your home comfortably and efficiently.

i400F Freestanding wood burning stove with Shimmering Rose door

Choose the wood burner which is the best match for your home

Think about your interiors

Owning a stove isn't just about staying warm and keeping cosy in winter; it's to do with complementing your existing décor choices too. Arada's range of stoves, log stores and accessories are available in a wide selection of colours to match your home, so if you fancy Sky Blue, Shimmering Rose, Metallic Brown or Devon Cream, you'll be spoiled for choice when pairing your burner with your interior tone and mood.

Prepare your fuel

Just because you're not likely to use your stove quite as much during the warmer months, that doesn't mean you can't start stocking up on your fuel! In preparation for winter, you can begin collecting, chopping and seasoning logs for kindling and firewood, stacking up a sizeable pile that will ensure you're snug all season. You can even invest in a stylish log store to keep your wood safe and dry.

i400F Freestanding wood burning stove with Shimmering Rose door

Unless you love chopping your own wood, you need not go overboard with storage!

Calculate your budget

A wood burner is certainly a worthwhile investment, but an investment nonetheless. Since January can leave our bank balances noticeably depleted, it's important to do your research now, so that there's plenty of time to assess which kind of stove is best for your budget. Once you've landed on one that's right for your means, you can start saving early, ready to put your money into a long-lasting, worthwhile purchase later on.

Arada Tower log store in Metallic Bronze

Don't forget to consider optional extras such as an indoor log store

Try before you buy

If you're in the market for a wood-burning stove, now is the ideal opportunity to experience just what they can do before purchasing one of your own. You might have friends or family who already own one, and can discover the many benefits for yourself before spring arrives in March. You can also pop along to one of our retailers to see our stove collections under fire.

So, why not find out how it could make for a warmer, cosier and happier home later in 2018 and beyond?



  • Classic Wood Burning Stoves

    Epitomising traditional design, these stoves are equally at home inside a red-bricked chimney breast of a cosy cottage or glowing within the grand fireplace of a country home. Either way, they have an abundance of charm and character.

    Our Timeless Classic stoves have either one or two door options.

  • Contemporary Wood Burning Stoves

    An elegant feature slotted neatly into a bright, spacious room or a dramatic centrepiece that provides wow factor, our contemporary stoves let you create the look you want.
    Clean-cut lines and big viewing windows emphasise the beauty of the fire whilst offering top efficiency ratings.

    Our contemporary stoves are available across three different form factors - inset, cassette or freestanding.

  • Hardworking Heating

    With designs to suit any setting, our boiler stoves offer the perfect fusion of style and practicality. Our compact multi fuel and wood boiler models are economical, reliable and sustainable, providing an alternative to traditional central heating systems or work in combination with them.

    Just like our Contemporary Living stoves, these are available in three shapes; inset, cassette or freestanding.

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