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What is the clearSkies scheme?

Some of the key aims of the clearSkies approval scheme are to:

  • Provide an independent and nationally recognised standard of verified appliance performance in terms of emissions and efficiency
  • To identify, by means of the clearSkies mark, products that achieve defined requirements at or beyond those defined as 'ecodesign ready'
  • To inform the public in such a way as to make the selection of such appliances to be as easy and straightfoward as possible.

Visit the clearSkies website to see our approved stoves: Arada | Hamlet 

Look for the clearSkies mark

The clearSkies mark
The clearSkies mark

Look for the clearSkies mark (shown here) online and in-store for appliances that have been independently certified as meeting (or even surpassing) ecodesign emissions and energy performance for solid fuel stoves and fireplaces.

Which Arada and Hamlet stoves are clearSkies approved?

The stoves listed below have been approved to bear the clearSkies mark.


Ecoburn (S3) stoves

Holborn stoves

Hamlet Solution Stoves


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