Camborne Deluxe Large Series 2

[CAMDLLM-G2] Camborne Deluxe Large Series 2 (Camborne Deluxe) technical information

Stove model code: CAMDLLM-G2

Stove model production status: Discontinued

Information last updated : 08/11/2022


Height (mm):552
Width (mm):672
Depth (mm):467
Height (from top to centre of rear flue) (mm):434
Height of low canopy (mm):210
Height of high canopy (mm):325
Height of stand (mm):200
Depth (from back to centre of top flue) (mm):141
Flue diameter (mm):152
Weight - when packed (kg):113
Ideal log length (mm):380


Ecodesign Ready:No
Model Series / Generation:2
Wet or Dry stove:Dry
Burns wood fuel:Yes
Burns solid smokeless fuel:Yes
Gas stove:No
Suitable for Smoke Control Areas:No
Suitable for a 12mm constructional hearth:No
Suitable for direct air installation:No
Stove body type:Freestanding

Output - Wood fuel

Min. output - wood (kW):2.5
Max. output - wood (kW):11
Mean CO Emission - wood (%):0.00

Output - CE Test Figures

CE rated nominal output kW:0.0
CE rated min output kW:0.0
CE rated max output kW:0.0

Boiler Tappings

Boiler Tapping Measurement A (mm):249
Boiler Tapping Measurement B (mm):505
Boiler Tapping Measurement C (mm):349

Parts list

 CodeNameTypeQuantityOptional Extra?
3)AOCLLAdd On Low Canopy Canopy1Yes
4)AOCLHAdd On High Canopy Canopy1Yes
5)AIB10Add In Boiler - 3.4kw Add In Boiler1Yes