Camborne Deluxe Medium Series 2

[CAMDLMM-G2] Camborne Deluxe Medium Series 2 (Camborne Deluxe) technical information

Stove model code: CAMDLMM-G2

Stove model production status: Discontinued

Information last updated : 08/11/2022


Height (mm):552
Width (mm):586
Depth (mm):382
Height (from top to centre of rear flue) (mm):423
Height of low canopy (mm):195
Height of high canopy (mm):285
Height of stand (mm):200
Depth (from back to centre of top flue) (mm):105
Flue diameter (mm):127
Weight - when packed (kg):87
Ideal log length (mm):380

Distances to combustibles

Min. combustible distance to rear (mm):250
Min. combustible distance to sides (mm):220
Please note: We recommend allowing for a minimum clearance of 100mm to non-combustible materials around the entire appliance.


Ecodesign Ready:No
Model Series / Generation:2
Wet or Dry stove:Dry
Burns wood fuel:Yes
Burns solid smokeless fuel:Yes
Gas stove:No
Suitable for Smoke Control Areas:No
Suitable for a 12mm constructional hearth:No
Suitable for direct air installation:No
Stove body type:Freestanding

Output - Wood fuel

Min. output - wood (kW):2
Max. output - wood (kW):8
Nett Efficiency - wood (%):77
Mean CO Emission - wood (%):0.00

Output - CE Test Figures

CE rated nominal output kW:0.0
CE rated min output kW:0.0
CE rated max output kW:0.0

Boiler Tappings

Boiler Tapping Measurement A (mm):256
Boiler Tapping Measurement B (mm):460
Boiler Tapping Measurement C (mm):345

Parts list

 CodeNameTypeQuantityOptional Extra?
1)AFS1298Fire Door Handle Assembly Handles and Locks1No
2)AFS2305Primary Air Slider (left Hand) Air Inlet1No
3)AFS1405Airwash Knob Handles and Locks2No
4)AFS1314Fire Door Complete Left Hand Door1No
5)AFS2270Fire Door (left) Door1No
6)AFS1021Door Rope Kit Door Rope1No
7)AFS1313Glass Kit Glass and related parts1No
8)AFS0095 Inch Flue Spigot Spigot1No
9)AFS0105 Inch Hot Plate Hot Plate1No
10)AFS2260Throat Plate Throat Plate1No
12)AFS1420Liner (rear/side) Liner1No
13)AFS1059Liner Set (rear) Liner1No
14)AFS1330Grate Bar Support (gbs004) Grate Bar Support1No
15)AFS001Grate Bar Grate Bar11No
16)AFS1326Comb With Extension Comb and Riddle Pull1No
17)AFS008Operating Tool Operating Tool1No
18)AFS1309Ash Pan Ash Pan1No
19)AFS2285Fuel Retainer Fuel Retainer1No
20)AFS2460Hinge (single - Right Hand) Hinge4No
21)AFS2300Primary Air Slider (right Hand) Air Inlet1No
3)AOCMLAdd On Low Canopy Canopy1Yes
4)AOCMHAdd On High Canopy Canopy1Yes
5)AIB9Add In Boiler - 2.6kw Add In Boiler1Yes