TF90 Multifuel Boiler

[TF90B] TF90 Multifuel Boiler (TF) technical information

Stove model code: TF90B

Stove model production status: Discontinued

Information last updated : 08/11/2022



Ecodesign Ready:No
Model Series / Generation:1
Wet or Dry stove:Dry
Burns wood fuel:No
Burns solid smokeless fuel:No
Gas stove:No
Suitable for Smoke Control Areas:No
Suitable for a 12mm constructional hearth:No
Suitable for direct air installation:No

Parts list

 CodeNameTypeQuantityOptional Extra?
1)AFS090Glass Kit Glass and related parts1No
1)AFS003/OLD(obsolete) Grate Bar ***old Style*** Grate Bar1No
1)AFS0126 Inch Hot Plate Hot Plate1No
1)AFS091Gasket And Glass Clips Glass and related parts1No
1)AFS048Door Rope Kit Door Rope1No
1)AFS015ALong Interlock Grate Bar1No
1)AFS096Door Trim (silver) Door1No
1)AFS082AGrate Bar Support Grate Bar Support1No
1)AFS020AThermostat Boiler Thermostat1No
1)AFS096ADoor Trim (anthracite) Door1No
1)AFS151Spigot 6 Inch Complete With Damper Flap And Handle Spigot1No
1)AFS021Thermostat Damper Flap Boiler Thermostat1No
1)AFS096GDoor Trim (gold) Door1No
1)AFS172AComb With Extension Comb and Riddle Pull1No
1)AFS022Thermostat Knob Boiler Thermostat1No
1)AFS1077Airwash Assembly Air Inlet1No
1)AFS1554Ashpit Door Handle Assembly Handles and Locks1No
1)AFS035Throat Plate Throat Plate1No
1)AFS150Damper Flap 6 Inch With Handle Spigot1No
1)AFS2780Hinge Pin Hinge1No
1)AFS035BThroat Plate Throat Plate1No
1)AFS153Fuel Retainer Fuel Retainer1No
1)AFS1116Ash Pan Ash Pan1No
1)AFS046Complete Ashpit Door Door1No
1)AFS201Complete Fire Door Door1No
1)AFS003Grate Bar Grate Bar1No
1)AFS053AAsh Pan Ash Pan1No
1)AFS204Fire Door Handle Assembly Handles and Locks1No
1)AFS007Fire Bed Surround Fire Bed Surround1No
1)AFS068A(obsolete) Comb With Extension Comb and Riddle Pull1No
1)AFS205Handle (kooler To Touch) Handles and Locks1No
1)AFS0116 Inch Flue Spigot Spigot1No