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Avoiding boiler over-run

Due to the nature of solid fuel boiler stoves in general, the fire box temperature cannot be controlled precisely and once maximum output has been reached, it will take time to reduce the output to water even when the damper is fully closed. For this reason the heat leak radiator and open vent are essential safety features that cannot be dispensed with.

In order to avoid incidents of boiler over-run, opening the thermostat to full and then closing when a desired temperature is reached should be avoided. Set the initial temperature to approximately half way and by trial and error the best position will be found for a consistent temperature level to be obtained. Change the setting in small steps only and wait to see the effect over a period of time.

Bear in mind that Arada boiler stoves have been designed and tested to achieve operational more quickly with solid fuel  than with wood fuel, Once well alight, the boiler will often take between 20 and 40 minutes to produce reasonable amounts of useful hot water. Once the system is up to temperature, the damper will maintain a constant temperature by slowly varying the air supply to the fuel. Avoid constantly changing the primary air control as the output will lag well behind a change to the setting and will result in the output rising and falling in an undesirable way.