Hamlet Solution 5 stove in optional Miami blue colourway


You don't have to opt for just a plain black stove any more!

If you're looking to try something different in your home then get some inspiration with our range of stove paint colours.

NEW FOR 2023

The EARTH Collection

Holborn 5 Widescreen in TerracottaHolborn 5 Widescreen in Terracotta

Organic, rich and luxurious, our new Earth Collection is a series of sophisticated shades that are defined by the striking colour palette of the natural world.

With the aim to inspire, these tones are design-led and impactful, while remaining classic and adaptable to suit any interior.

Available across Arada’s collection of wood burning, multi fuel and gas stoves, the portfolio of warm tones is impactful and design-led, adding everlasting texture and versatility to living spaces.


Note: Some models are not available in The EARTH Collection colourways

Installer note: The EARTH Collection colours cannot be used to paint single-wall flue pipe.



The BOLD Edit

Solution 5 in RaincoatSolution 5 in Raincoat

Its not just the day-to-day practical improvements in our paint, we also have some new, eye-opening shades to show off! 

Cast your eye over our four stunning new colourways - Raincoat, Flamingo, Peapod and Miami.

These shades are not only guaranteed to draw attention in your home,  but will give you greater scope or inspire you in new ways to style your living space!

  • Flamingo


  • Miami


  • Peapod


  • Raincoat


Note: Some models are not available in The BOLD Edit colourways

Installer note: The BOLD Edit colours cannot be used to paint single-wall flue pipe.



The Original and Metallics Colour options

Farringdon Small Eco in SpiceFarringdon Small Eco in Spice

Love the idea of a stove that looks different, but perhaps not brave enough to dive into our newer BOLD Edit shades? That's fine, our original colourways are a popular way to get some interesting colours in your heating appliance but still fits to your current decor.

  • Atlantic


  • Chestnut


  • Midnight


  • Mist


  • Spice


Practical Paints with Pretty Palettes

Many years ago we began to offer home owners much more than 'just black' as a stove body paint colour option, and we've made significant improvements to our paints ever since. 

In the past, the paint on a freshly installed stove had to be cured in a process of lighting and keeping the stove running for several hours, with all of your door and windows  open to extract any unpleasant odours.

Today all of our paints are what we call 'non-smoker' paints. The paint on your stove is pre-cured and ready for business, so no more unpleasant curing smells either! 

But the practicality of our paints doesn't end there. Our paints are tough, durable, easy to keep clean and of course resistant to very high temperatures!

Arada Colour Sample bottle openers

Get one of our stove paint colour samples!

The colours shown above are just a representation of final paint shades. If you are interested in actual colour sample, why not visit your nearest retailer and ask about our steel 'bottle opener' colour samples.


Get Some Stove Colour Inspiration

Vibrant Tones

Greys and neutrals

Spicy Reds

Soulful Blues

Pantone of the year 2022, Veri Peri (Violet)

Any colour!