Farringdon Small Eco stove in Chestnut brown

Farringdon Small Eco stove in Chestnut brown

Chestnut brown-coloured stoves

Minimalist, neutral spaces can often feel quite cold and clinical. One way to bring warmth and life into a neutral scheme is to incorporate the biophilic trend for plants and natural greenery. This means you can create a timeless neutral feel that is brought to life through exotic plants and blossoming flowers, which can be rotated on a seasonal basis.

Our stoves are available in a gorgeous Chestnut colour that is rich and earthy, perfectly suited to sit alongside a light green colour backdrop and plenty of botanical touches.

Which Arada stoves are available in Chestnut colourway?

Ecoburn Stoves
Farringdon Stoves
Holborn Stoves

Solution Stoves

Colour and Style

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