What is a Bioethanol Stove?

Bioethanol is a renewable, eco-friendly fuel in the form of a colourless liquid alcohol. It is produced from the fermentation of sugars from the waste by-product of corn and wheat crops. This fuel promotes sustainability and helps us to collectively reduce our carbon emissions.

Bioethanol stoves are designed specifically for burning bioethanol fuel. The liquid burns with near 100% effectiveness, producing an impressive amount of heat energy to the room and with only trace amount of water vapour and CO2.

Hamlet Solution 5 Bioethanol Stove with optional top flue, on 12mm glass hearthThis Hamlet Solution 5 Bioethanol stove is in a room with a carpet floor, where it has been placed on a solid, level 12mm glass hearth.

Does they produce any heat?

Yes, indeed! Our Solution Bioethanol stoves will produce almost 2.5kW into the room where they are placed - which is typically more than most eleictric fires, and roughly equivalent to some gas fires.

Are they easy to use?

Our bioethanol stoves are incredibly easy to use!  You just fill the burner tray with bioethenol liquid, light it, close the door and enjoy the appeal of a real flame. You can adjust the burn rate by closing or opening the burner lid using the operating tool and hot glove included as standard. If you need to close the stove down for whatever reason, simply fully close the burner lid to extinguish the flame.

How long can it burn for?

The burner tray included has a 1 litre capacity. If you fill it completely you could typically expect around 4-5 hours of burn time. By reducing the size of the opening of the burner’s closure plate with the included operating too, you can lower the rate at which the fuel burns for longer burn times.

Our New Bioethanol Stoves

Hamlet Solution 5 Bioethanol Stove

Hamlet Solution 5 Widescreen Bioethanol Stove

Do they require any installation?

Not necessarily. Since this fuel burns with none of the by-products of burning wood, they are perfectly safe to use indoors and there is no need to attach a flue or to vent outdoors.  Although, if you'd like to get the full 'wood burner aesthetic' you can always optionally add one of our standard flue collar with a length of dummy flue pipe if you prefer. It is recommended to use in a ventilated room with a volume or more than 25 cubic metres. We recommend that you do not place you bioethanol stove in a room with a strong draught as this will negatively impact the efficiency.

What about a hearth?

Unlike some other manufacturer's wood burning stoves, no constructional hearth is required. Whilst our bioethanol stoves are robust and a hearth is not required, a level and stable non-combustible floor is essential.

As with the majority of our wood burning stoves, our bioethanol stoves also  feature a solid cast iron door and a body made from 3mm steel which when combined have a substantial weight to them, from 40kg and up,  We recommend using either of the included fixing solutions (wall and or floor fixing brackets) as a safety precaution to prevent the stove from potentially shifting when opening and closing the door.

Hamlet Solution 5 Bioethanol burner tray being filled with bioethanol liquidFilling the burner tray with bioethanol. Wearing gloves is not essential, but you may find filling from a jug and even using a funnel to be helpful.

Where can I buy bioethanol fuel?

Bioethanol fuel is sold in 1 litre containers, which can be easily purchased from a variety of retailers, such as garden centres or you can even buy it in bulk online. Bioethanol is available in various degrees of purity. Typically, bioethanol is sold between 95% and 100% purity. Out of the box our stoves come supplied with your first litre of bioethanol fuel to get you up and running, but we make no specific recommendations about any particular bioethanol fuel product. Our bioethanol stoves are not compatible with bioethanol in gel form.

Can I use it in a bathroom or even outdoors?

No, they are only intended for indoor-use, and it is not recommended to use in any room where water is in use, such as kitchens, bathrooms or swimming pools.

Is bioethanol fuel hazardous?

Bioethanol is highly flammable and toxic. So care is needed when handling and storing it.

  • Bioethanol is highly flammable. Always extinguish the flame entirely and wait for the stove to cool before relighting. Make sure to sure clear up any spilled liquid before lighting.
  • Bioethanol is a denatured alcohol so it has been treated to be deliberately unpleasant to drink! So make sure you store it safely away from reach of children.