The Benefits of An Inset Wood Burning Stove In Your Home

When looking for a wood-burning stove for your home, there are lots of options to consider. You may have heard of inset wood-burning stoves, and wondered what they are – our blog post is here to give you an overview of the benefits of inserting an inset stove in your home.

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Why Choose An Inset-style Wood Burning stove?

Hamlet Solution 7 Inset stove

Inset wood-burning stoves are built in units that can be fitted into your chimneybreast or wall, leaving only the front of the stove exposed for dramatic effect. Inset stoves come in a wide range of designs, and are available in both modern and traditional styles.

For many, an inset stove can be a minimalist, space efficient and eye catching home interior feature while, for others, it acts as a neat replacement for a traditional open fireplace.

It also creates a gorgeous ‘window of flame’ in your wall - with a large viewing window, the flickering flames offer all the warmth and character of a traditional wood-burning stove, which can be enjoyed even in the smallest of rooms.

Ideal for new builds or extensions, inset stoves are a great space saver. If your room is not very big, or you don’t want a big hearth and stove, then an inset stove is the ideal option.

Many people wrongly assume that inset stoves generate less heat, and may be less efficient than a conventional freestanding version. However, in reality, a key benefit of an inset wood-burning stove is that it is much more efficient than open fires, with efficiencies in excess of 80%, while still providing a stunning additional feature to your living space.

Inset-style stoves

In summary, an inset wood-burning stove might be the answer if you’ve got a more compact space or are seeking to achieve a pared-back minimal design scheme.

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Posted by Rebecca Daniels
3rd October, 2019.

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