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3 Top Tips For Getting The Best Out Of Your Wood Burning Stove

With winter right around the corner, many homeowners are beginning to spend more time at home and are taking the opportunity to appreciate the benefits of their wood burning stove, both aesthetically and practically.

In this month’s blog post, we’re looking at the ways you can get the very best out of your stove – to ensure it delivers on performance and style with every single use throughout the winter months.

Farringdon Catalyst Eco wood burning stove shown in Mist grey

1. Have Your Stove Serviced and Swept

At the start of stove season, you should always arrange to have your wood burning stove serviced and swept, this will ensure that all parts are working safely and efficiently, whilst also preventing soot build-up in the chimney or flue.

Glass, internal seals and rope are all integral to the performance of the stove and therefore if damaged will require an immediate replacement before the stove is ready for use.

All Arada stove bodies come with an impressive lifetime guarantee, but for smaller parts that have aged over time, we have a range of spare parts available - to allow you to easily order replacements.

2. Make Sure You Are Using Quality Fuel

To ensure your stove stays in optimum condition, you need to think carefully about the fuel you’re burning. We would always recommend a low-moisture content wood over wet wood – wet wood will lead to an increase of smoke and emissions with very little heat output, it will also cause soot to build-up and blackening of the stove glass. Whereas dry wood will allow for fewer logs, but with the same desired level of heat.

For more information on the benefits of dry woods vs. wet wood, you can read more about it here or on the Stove Industry Alliance (SIA) website.

Lagom stoves

Farringdon Small Eco stove shown in Atlantic blue

3. Keep Your Stove Clean

Many homeowners assume that a stove needs cleaning out after each use – however, when it comes to wood burning stoves, it can actually be more beneficial to leave the ash, as dry wood will burn a lot better on its own cinders.

That’s not to say you should leave it months before cleaning out your stove, when a large pile of ash starts to appear, just clear away the top inch or so, before it starts to overflow.

To enhance visual appeal, we would however suggest wiping down the glass panel regularly to allow for clearer visibility; this also offers an opportunity to view the gentle flicker of flames.  You needn’t spend a lot of money on specific cleaning products though, as our Director, Jon Butterworth explains:

“One of my top tips is to use a damp piece of kitchen paper dipped in the wood ash to clean the glass of any residue – no need for specific glass cleaners.”

We hope this blog article has provided you with some helpful tips, to ensure your stove functions at its best this winter!

To learn more about our range of stoves on offer at Arada, or if you have any questions, please do get in touch.

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Posted by Megan Collyer
16th November, 2020.

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