Why Choose a Coloured Wood Burning Stove?

Ecoburn 5 Widescreen stove in Straw, Ecodesign ready and clearskies approved

Although an essential home heating solution used throughout the chilly months, a stove isn’t just for winter. 

Forming part of your living space year-round, it’s important that your stove looks at home throughout all the seasons. Choosing a wood burner that not only delivers on functionality but delivers on aesthetics too is crucial in order to achieve a focal point that works with your interior. From classic Graphite to standout colourful designs, make sure you choose a stove that complements your décor scheme.

Cream-coloured Wood Burning Stoves

An increasingly popular choice for many, and fast becoming a staple in many of our ranges, a Straw-coloured wood burning stove is sure to make impact upon entry in your living space. With its warm ivory tones, a cream log burner is a great choice for sunny and bright interiors. Although the perfect summery shade, the wood burner’s soft hue seamlessly complements flickering amber flames in the winter, emitting a cosy and comforting feel when required.

Ideal for smaller rooms, where black might seem a little imposing, cream and off-white wood burning stoves will help to make your room feel bigger. The bright colour will help to reflect light around the room, making the space feel open and airy. Dark shades tend to absorb light, so a darker coloured wood burner may make your room feel smaller.

Farringdon Small Eco stove in Straw

How to Style a Cream-coloured Wood Burning Stove

Pair Cream-coloured Stoves with Neutral Interiors

Visually appealing to the eye, cream works in perfect harmony with soft neutral schemes. Opt for a light, off-white wall colour and a simple cream carpet to create a simplistic interior. Complete the look with a few cream-coloured cushions, fur throws and some warm, rustic wooden touches for a beautiful interior to admire in both the summer and winter months.

Solution 5 Widescreen in Straw

Contrast Dark Walls with a Light-coloured Stove

Although cream log burners work well in neutral schemes, they also look great with darker tones, creating contrast within the room. A dark grey wall colour, or even a moody wallpapered backdrop will make an off-white wood burner pop, creating a statement and a real focal point in the room.

Team Florals with a Cream Stove

Another great way to style a cream wood burner is to choose gorgeous floral wallpaper. You may have spotted the recent trend for ‘cottagecore’ – think sourdough starters, frills and frolicking in the great outdoors - all stemming from a reaction against capitalism and our increasing time spent on digital platforms, so opt for a pretty cottage-inspired design with creamy tones to perfectly complement your wood burner, creating a scheme that’s seriously pretty and homely.

We hope we’ve inspired you to consider a cream wood burning stove for your home. Cream (Straw) wood burners are available in all our models, excluding the Lagom Stove. Explore the range here.

To learn more about our range of stoves on offer at Arada, or if you have any questions, please do get in touch.

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Posted by Megan Collyer
19th March, 2021.

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