How to Create a Cosy Outdoor Entertaining Space

Delta Fire Pit outdoors with blankets, glamping

From dreamy outdoor sofas with focal points, to dining spaces designed to keep guests from feeling the chill, be inspired by our blog and create your own a cosy space outside.

Looking to create a warm and inviting space to entertain friends and family safely outside? Then check out our brand new Delta Large Fire Pit. Perfect for keeping those close to us cosy throughout the summer months, opting for a Fire Pit is the ideal choice for keeping toes warm and toasty. Forming part of our new Outdoor Living Collection, our Fire Pits are an essential for gardens this summer, creating an intimate, snug centrepiece to gather around.

Garden Zones

With our gardens becoming an extension of our living space no matter what their size, it’s important to treat them as an extra room to the home. We recommend creating multi-functional spaces by zoning different sections of your garden, thinking carefully about the space you have and how many zones you’ll have within it.

For those with dreamy outdoor sofa set ups, place your Arada Fire Pit in the centre of your sofa formation to create a cosy focal point. This will ensure that everyone will receive equal warmth from the Fire Pit, and it will also help to create a homely and intimate space for everyone to enjoy.

When using a fire pit in a dining area, position it in a spot that’s sheltered to concentrate the heat – be kind and pop your guests that feel the cold more than others closest to the flame so they can really feel the benefit.

You don’t always need to have seating close by. If you’re planning on creating your own outside ‘home bar’ then a fire pit or two positioned close by can help create a spot for friends and family to chat around, and warm up their hands too!

Delta Fire pit at the beach

How to Create a Cosy Outdoor Space in any Location

With our new Delta Small Fire Pit you can create a cosy and warm spot wherever you are! Lightweight and compact, the Delta Small is easy to carry and can be assembled and dissembled without tools in under a minute! Perfect for family picnics on the beach, camping trips, or for walks with a view, taking the Delta Small along with you will mean you can enjoy relaxing next to its crackle and roaring flaming, whilst keeping warm and enjoying being outside.

Delta Fire pit beside a lake

We hope you’re feeling inspired to create your own cosy outdoor living spaces, wherever you are. Feel free to share your #AradaAdventures with us on Instagram by tagging @aradastoves

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How do I prevent my Fire Pit from Smoking?

We’ve all woken up with a smoky aroma in our hair from bonfires or fire pits from the night before, so how can you ensure that you’re not smoking out your guests?

  1. Make sure you’re burning dry wood – we recommend kiln dried wood, which reduces the amount of smoke emitted.
  2. Make sure your log store is dry! Many of us spend time sourcing dry wood, only to store logs outside in non-water tight stores, so take time to make sure your wood isn’t exposed to the elements.
  3. Position your Fire Pit in a sheltered spot – minimising draughts will help prevent smoke from blowing into your guests’ faces!
  4. Allow airflow – arrange your logs to encourage greater airflow which allows for more complete combustion, which subsequently reduces smoke. Fire needs three things to burn: oxygen, heat and fuel, and by increasing the oxygen, it will make your fire burn better and burn hotter. Encourage greater airflow by positioning kindling in a tee-pee formation, with logs in a square shape around the kindling.
Delta Fire pit at the beach, view from above

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Posted by Megan Collyer
13th May, 2021.

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