Ways to Style a Contemporary Wood Burning Stove

Contemporary stoves needn’t just be for the modern home. A few simple styling tips and tricks can mean a modern stove can be used in any home, no matter the style and age of the property.

Ways to Style our New Hoxton Stove

Contemporary circular-style wood burners are often added to modern homes and aren’t usually considered for the traditional, older property. However, our new Hoxton Stove can make a striking statement when styled correctly in both modern and traditional interiors. Here, we’ve put together a useful style guide to show you how you can incorporate this gorgeous new stove into your home, no matter how old or new your property is.

Hoxton multi fuel stove

How to Style the Hoxton Stove in an Older Property

For those that live in a cosy cottage, a grand Georgian property, or a traditional farmhouse, you needn’t be tied to an open fire or a classic-looking wood burner. In fact, open fires don’t tend to emit much heat and are much more harmful for the environment - you can read all about this in our blog ‘Are Wood Burners Bad for the Environment?’. It is therefore vital to update your old wood burner or open fire to a stove which is Ecodesign Ready and clearSkies approved to help lower harmful emissions.

If you like the look of our new Hoxton Stove, but think it’s too modern for your characterful home, you’d be wrong! A few simple styling touches will help blend this sleek and contemporary stove into your home, and here’s how to do just that:

  • 1. Pair with dark panelled walls

    Cosy and traditional, panelled walls are the perfect way to offset the modern aesthetic of the Hoxton, adding a characterful touch to interiors.
  • 2. Add traditional tools

    Modern interiors are often left bare and minimalistic in style, however, to bring back the traditional look, style your stove with a few stove tools to add interest and depth into your living space.
  • 3. Add an old, cosy armchair

    Modern interiors can feel quite stark and cold, so combine your modern stove with a cosy, slightly worn armchair for a homely, comforting and cosy feel.
  • 4. Add a jute rug

    Nothing screams cottage interior like a jute or coir rug. Simply add a touch of this timeless material to your room to help bring an element of traditional charm back into the space.
  • 5. Complete with a log basket

    A wood burner isn’t complete without a log basket – emitting that country feel, opt for a classic wicker basket for a country aesthetic.

Hoxton multi fuel stove in a contemporary home

How to Style the Hoxton Stove in a Modern Home

For a contemporary look, style our Hoxton stove in a minimalistic setting with our top tips on how to create the ultimate modern living room:

  • 1. Choose a contemporary hue

    Make your wood burning stove the focal point in the room by allowing it to pop within its setting. Choose a soft pastel shade for the perfect backdrop that will allow your stove to shine.
  • 2. Don’t over accessorise

    Remember modern means minimalist – so cut back on fire tools and store your logs out of sight for a bold and contemporary look.
  • 3. Opt for Contemporary light fittings

    For modern homes, choose creative light fittings that break away from the norm – think hanging cable pendants and artistic wall lights for a fresh and modern aesthetic.
  • 4. Add a wicker chair

    Steer away from cosy armchairs, choose a wicker or rattan style chair with simple clean lines for an on-trend contemporary space.

We hope we’ve shown you that a modern stove needn’t just be for the contemporary home – a few simple tips will ensure this stove shines in any home and in any décor scheme.


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Posted by Megan Collyer
12th August, 2021.

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