Install a Wood Burning Stove to Beat the Energy Crisis

With spiralling costs of living and rising oil and electricity prices, now is the perfect time to invest in a wood burning stove and take full advantage of the lower annual running costs associated with this traditional home heating solution.

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Why Now is the Time to Install a Wood Burning Stove to Beat the Energy Crisis

Spiralling household costs, oil price increases and soaring electricity bills make now the perfect time to invest in a wood burning stove.

According to BoilerJuice, the average price for 1,000 litres of kerosene oil in the UK was £1.25 per litre including VAT on 1st March 2022, which totals an astonishing £1,250! This, coupled with the increased average household electricity prices of around £1,138 per year (EDF Energy), equates to £2,388 of annual heating outgoings per household.

In fact, an average household with an oil-fired oiler could be consuming as much as 2500 litres of oil per year (Source:

Wood fuel pricing

Cheaper to run than gas and electric heating systems, a wood burning stove is now a more financially appealing choice than ever before. With a full load log delivery for the winter season costing around £420 (Stove Industry Alliance) and an annual chimney sweep at a rough cost of just £65.00, running a log burner is an economically efficient way to heat the home.


Hamlet Solution 5 Widescreen wood burning stove

Offset the one-off cost of installation

Of course, it’s important to note that there are initial costs to installing a wood burning stove to consider. Installation prices can vary depending on the work required on the flue and chimney along with factoring in the property type. To provide you with a rough estimate, such work tends to amount to around £1,500 for the installation of a wood burning stove in a home that has an existing chimney. With wood burners from Arada starting from as little as £599.00 for our Hamlet Solution stove, ranging up to £2,499.00 for our Hoxton model, this one-off cost combined with the low running fees involved make a wood burner a cost-efficient heating solution.

Of course, once this initial outlay has been paid for, the only running costs you’ll have will be an annual sweep, logs or your chosen fuel type and perhaps asmall amount  of maintenance every few years, and your wood burner will last for many, many years to come.

Arada Hoxton wood burning stove shown with optional tall log store

Helping to reduce environmental impact

Did you know that open fires and older stoves account for 51% of the UK’s annual wood fuel consumption (according to the Stove Industry Alliance)? Replacing old stoves or any open fires with an Ecodesign Ready or clearSkies approved burner would reduce emissions by nearly 45%. It is therefore vital that you look to update your old wood burners or open fireplaces with stoves that filter out some of these harmful toxins.

You may now find yourself asking “well this all sounds great, but what about the environmental impact?” Unfortunately, most energy sources will have some negative impact on the environment, but wood is a decentralised, sustainable and renewable source of energy and by choosing an Ecodesign Ready design stove -  which emits 90% fewer emissions than an open fire (Stove Industry Alliance) - is a friendlier way to heat the home.

We hope that’s cleared things up a little so you can make the right stove purchase for your home. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any further questions.

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Posted by Megan Collyer
14th April, 2022.

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