Preparing For Summer – Outdoor Entertaining With Arada

Keep guests warm and entertain in style this summer with new products from Arada's Outdoor Living collection.

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Preparing Your Home For Summer Entertaining With Arada

With the arrival of warmer weather and sunnier evenings ahead, now is the time to prepare your garden for guests. Mow the lawn, tidy the patio and update your garden with a new heating solution that will optimise your summer hosting.

Two key considerations for summer entertaining are outdoor cooking and staying cosy when the temperature drops. The new Outdoor Living collection has something for every home including a new Fire Pit, Chimeneas and a Garden Heater – which replicates a real wood burning stove. Outdoor living has never been more comfortable!

When using a fire pit in a dining area, position it in a spot that’s sheltered to concentrate the heat – be kind and pop your guests that feel the cold more than others closest to the flame so they can really feel the benefit.

You don’t always need to have seating close by. If you’re planning on creating your own outside ‘home bar’ then a fire pit or two positioned close by can help create a spot for friends and family to chat around, and warm up their hands too!

For the Outdoor Enthusiasts – The Garden Heater

Combining style and functionality, the Garden Heater is the ideal solution for both entertaining and keeping warm. Designed to resemble a signature Arada wood burning stove, it brings the traditional aesthetic to the great outdoors.

As daylight hours draw to a close, the Garden Heater is the perfect companion providing a cosy and welcoming atmosphere. A new offering from Arada, it is the first product with cooking amenities including optional pizza stone and shelf attachments – so why not create your own pizzas at home this summer.

Arada Garden Heater ARA054

For Sitting Around the Fire - Teepee & Deck Chimeneas

A statement addition to any garden, gather around the new Deck and Teepee Chimeneas with friends for an evening under the stars. When lit, the Chimeneas provide a natural focal point for people to congregate around, great for keeping the evening alive when it starts to get cooler.

Stylish and versatile, the Chimeneas are made from a zinc-coated weather resistant steel meaning they can be enjoyed all year round, and are safe to use on both wooden decking and grass with the option of either an open or closed back.

Arada Teepee Chimenea ARA059

Arada Deck Chimenea (open back) ARA051

Arada Deck Chimenea (closed back) ARA050

For Toasting Marshmallows – Terrace Fire Pit

Complementing the existing Delta Fire Pits, the new Terrace Fire Pit is an effortless way of gathering guests around the flickering flames. Available in both small and medium sizes, it can be used safely on decking, patios and garden lawns.

A laidback, easy option for hosting outdoors, no matter the size or format of your exterior space, the Terrace Fire Pit is easy to assemble with no tools required for set up.  Like the Garden Heater, the medium size has a special cooking function with an optional grill attachment – perfect for cooking or roasting marshmallows by the crackle of the fire.

Arada Terrace Medium Fire Pit Medium with food cooking on optional grill attachment ARA056

Check out the Outdoor Living collection here. To learn more about our range of stoves on offer at Arada, or if you have any questions, please do get in touch.

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Posted by Sophie Clark
13th May, 2022.

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