The Benefits of a Gas Fire

Gas stoves are a great alternative to a wood burner, without sacrificing the look of a traditional stove.

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Ecoburn Gas Medium. Credit: @life_at_the_mewsEcoburn Gas Medium. Credit: @life_at_the_mews

Why Install a Gas Stove?

Providing warmth and style, gas stoves are a great option for those who have a natural gas supply or who can’t install a wood burning or multi fuel stove, while still offering an effective heating solution for the home. From easy maintenance to adjustable settings, read on to see why you should install a gas stove this winter:

Low Maintenance

While wood burning and multi fuel stoves need cleaning and maintaining throughout the year to look their best and function efficiently, gas stoves require very little. There’s no need to have the chimney swept or clean the glass, as gas stoves do not emit smoke particles. You simply require an annual service from a certified engineer and an occasional wipe down for dust. Easy!

Adjustable Heat & Timer

Installing a gas fire is one of the easiest ways to add warmth and atmosphere to a living room. There’s no need to store wood throughout the year or stoke a fire, and instead, it can simply be turned on at the touch of a button. Homeowners can remain in control of the intensity of the heat and the flame height with an easily controllable remote, plus the timer and thermostat feature allows you to programme the fire to come on at certain times of day. A perfect greeting after a long day at work.

Charming Aesthetic

Just like a traditional wood burning stove, a gas stove is also installed with a flue and offers the same high-quality steel body, a realistic log fuel bed and a large viewing glass – without the maintenance and clean up.

Holborn Gas stove in Midnight Black

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In comparison to wood burners, gas stoves and electric fires need very little maintenance than those that use other fuel sources. As they do not emit smoke particles, there isn’t any need to clean the glass or have the chimney swept as there isn’t any residue left over after each burn. A gas stove however will still require an annual service by a qualified engineer, while an electric fireplace simply needs an occasional cleaning or dusting.

Colourful Stoves

Not only are the Holborn and Ecoburn Gas fires available in a classic black colourway, but you can choose a colourful stove from a total of 11 shades. From the cooler tones of Mist and Slate, to our new BOLD Edit colours including Flamingo pink and Raincoat yellow, no matter your interior aesthetic, there is a gas stove to suit every home.

Be inspired by some our favourite gas fires installations below. To find out more about our Ecoburn and Holborn gas stove, read on here.

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Posted by Alexandra Newell
27th January, 2023.

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