How to Choose and Run an Electric Fire

Providing instant heat and low running costs, electric fires are here to stay.

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Ellere EL180R 1.8m wide electric fire

Ellere EL180R 1.8m wide electric fire

Choosing and running an Electric Fire

Perfect for the contemporary homeowner, electric fires and surrounds are on the up with many of you looking to install modern and hassle-free heating solutions in your home. Choosing the right fire can seem like a daunting process, so if you’re unsure of the running costs or what style to choose for example, read on to find out more.

What is the best electric fire to buy?

The best electric fire will depend on a few things including the size of your living space, heat output and style preference. Start by measuring the area you had in mind to install the fire – once this is confirmed, it will be much easier to decide what fire works best within your specifications. Next, decide what style suits you, whether it’s a wall mounted fire, inset fire or stove. Lastly, decide what you’d prefer the heat output to be. Generally, heat output ranges from 600W to 2kW, however some homeowners prefer an electric fire for the ambience and the design, rather than the heat element.

Which is the most realistic fire?

To imitate the warm, flickering flames of a real fire, opt for an electric fire with a realistic LED flame and fuel bed, providing the beauty of a fire without the maintenance of having real logs and ash. Our Ellere Electric Fire provides a deep, three-dimensional display for striking realism.

What is the best surround for an electric fire?

As electric fires offer a more modern aesthetic, there are a few ways in which electric fire surrounds can be designed and installed. The Ellere Electric Fire comes with the option of three installation configurations: one-sided, two-sided or three-sided.

For those looking for a sleek and cohesive design, the one-sided configuration means the fire sits flush within the wall resulting in a super-sleek design that fits seamlessly into any space. The three-sided configuration creates more of a feature, imitating the design of a chimney breast with the fire exposed from three-sides. Lastly, the two-sided design leaves the glass exposed at the front and on either the left or right side – a great option for corner styling.

Ellere Electric Fire

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Do electric fires need a chimney?

No – the beauty of an electric fire is you only need an electricity supply and an area to mount the fire. There is no need to involve a certified gas or wood burner installer or look to building regulations, you simply need to know or hire someone who can you build a surround to support the fire, plug it in and you’re ready to go.

What are the running costs of an electric fire?

Our Ellere Electric Fire uses 1.4-1.6kW of power. For most electric fireplaces, this input total is the same as the output as they are extremely efficient. Based on running the fire for 4 hours, with heat on for 50% due to thermostatic control, and flame effects for the full duration, the total cost is approximately £1.09 per night (based on the average UK cost per unit of electric (including VAT) as of 1st October 2022 including the Government Energy Price Guarantee of 34p per kWh -

If you’re unsure whether to go for a gas or electric fire, read our tips here. For more advice, our guide to electric fires includes further information on our Ellere, as well as other tips!

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Posted by Alexandra Newell
3rd April, 2023.

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