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Delta Large fire pit lit at camping/glamping site

Delta Fire Pits
From our new Outdoor Living collection

Enjoy the great outdoors!

Delta fire pits are guaranteed to bring life to a garden party, family barbecue or just about any outdoor social events!

Whether it’s early spring, a cool summer evening or early autumn, just add wood, kindling and watch the flames dance in the Delta fire pit!

Delta Small Fire Pit

Striking contemporary design

Available in small, medium and large sizes, each featuring a distinctive contemporary triangular-shaped ‘bowl’.

The Delta Small fire pit weighs only about 6kg and when folded it travels easily, making this little beauty an essential accessory at any beach party or camping trip!

The Delta large fire pit has extra carry handles for travel, or repositioning. When assembled It’s just under 90cm across so it is ideal as a semi-permanent feature in your garden.

The  unique triangular design of the Delta fire pit

Delta Large Fire Pit

Assembly is as easy as 1-2-3

Delta fire pits are designed to be easy to assemble - or dismantle- by hand, no need for any tools!

Deltas are so easy to put together. Each side has one, two or three numbered holes in the corners to match sides and slot together. Just drop in the base plate and the grate and you’re ready to light it up in under a minute!

gif animation showing simple assembly of Delta fire pit

Year-round enjoyment

Despite being easy take apart, Delta fire pits are very sturdy and won’t topple over.

Made from robust steel (3mm for Delta small, medium and 4mm steel for Delta large) they are weather-resistant and can be left outdoors all-year round. In time the steel will also develop an oxidised patina which looks great and won’t affect performance.

gif animation showing the oxidised patina that a Delta fire pit acquires when it is left outside for many months
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