Choosing the Right Stove for Your Home

Solution 5 wood burning stove shown in optional Peapod Green

A popular feature in any home, stoves offer both a charming aesthetic and an effective heating solution during the colder months. Before choosing what stove to have in your home, there are a few important considerations to bear in mind...

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Installation Requirements

Firstly, determine what fuel type you need. Stoves have different installation requirements depending on their fuel source, whether it is a wood burning, multifuel, natural gas, LPG gas, electric or solid smokeless stove or fire.

Get a professional opinion

Better still, consult with your local professional stove installer. They will work with you to discuss your installation and ensure it meets building regulations and make recommendations based upon your chosen fuel type. Wood burning, multi-fuel and gas stoves for example will be stricter on their requirements compared to an electric fire, so it is best to speak to a professional to gauge the correct requirements, as these differ depending on where you live. 

As part of your discussion with an installer you will discuss your heat output needs and whether your new stove is going in a pre-existing fireplace, freestanding, or in another existing wall..

Heat Output

It is important to choose the correct stove size and output as the heating requirements for each room will differ. If the heat output is too big or too small for your needs, it will be inefficient and could result in the room overheating! We offer a variety of stove sizes with different heat outputs, which are measured in kW.

How much heat does your living space need?

Start by assessing the room: does it have high ceilings? Is it well insulated? Does it have double glazing? Is it open plan? All of these factors will contribute to the overall decision. A good starting point to find the right stove output is to find out the cubic measurement of your room. To work this out, multiply the room volume (width, height and length in metres) then divide the result by 14. This will give you the rough kW output needed for the space.

You can find more information here about identifying the ideal stove heat output needed for your home

Stove Style

For the greatest flexibility for siting your new stove, you can find an Arada stove or electric fire to meet your installation needs. Consider these stove body shapes:

Freestanding body stoves

Got an open living space without a traditional fireplace? No problem, take a look at our freestanding stoves matched with a rear-facing flue outlet for a more minimal installation, a great solution for modern contemporary spaces when paired with our contemporary cylinder-body Hoxton and Lagom stoves.

Inset body stoves

Perhaps you have a traditional fireplace that you want fill with a modern Ecodesign multifuel or wood burning stove, instead of a drafty, fuel-inefficient open fire? All of our freestanding stoves will fit a standard British fireplace. Or you could also opt for one of our inset stoves as a means to convert an open fireplace into a practical, desirable and atmospheric centrepiece instead of a huge empty hole that just sucks valuable heat up and out of your living space.

Cassette body stoves

Got your eye on contructing your very own 'media wall' for your lounge? Why not consider an Ellere Electric fire to fit flush with the wall where your television is mounted?

There are a variety of stove styles and colours available to choose from. From modern stoves like the Hoxton or Lagom, to the more traditional stoves such as the Farringdon or the Ecoburn, there is a design to suit any interior décor scheme.


Not only do we supply stoves in six colours plus our traditional Midnight black , but we now also offer our BOLD Edit collection – a series of four energetic new, never before seen colours exclusive to Arada.

This means that the vast majority of Arada stove models are now available in eleven different colours!

What happens after installation?

After you stove has been installed, your installer will demonstrate the operation of your new stove and also provide you with:

  • Certificate of Compliance
  • Notice Plate
  • A working, fitted carbon monoxide alarm
  • Completed Warranty Card (in Eire and Northern Ireland only)

With an array of styles and heat outputs available, have a browse through our collection of stoves here.

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Posted by Sophie Clark
10th October, 2022.

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