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Heat output example

Often a stove is chosen to match the fireplace, hearth or style of room it is to be fitted in. However the most important factor in choosing the right size stove is getting the right output to ensure you will not be too hot!

The starting point for doing this would be to measure the room volume (width x length x height) in metres, then divide the answer by 14. This will give you rough guide to the ideal output in killowatts, kW, for that room.

A well-insulated room, central heating, carpeting and a double glazing.
A stove with 5kW output might be sufficient here.

In this draughty room with the same dimensions but with single-glazed windows and wooden floor, a stove with 7kW output might be required.

In above examples the two rooms are of the same size but have different and levels of insulation from furnishings and draftiness, 

It is worth noting that open-planned living areas or room spaces with staircases would need to be considered as the heat from the appliance will naturally be drawn away from the immediate area,  

The heating requirements of each room will differ such that different stove sizes should always be considered over and above the stove aesthetics.