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Whistling or other noises

Some wood or solid fuel stoves can produce unexpected noises from time to time, and is sometimes considered part of the charm of owning a wood burning stove.


Whistling might occur as air is drawn quickly into the stove through the narrow aperture of the air inlets. It will stop if the air control is opened or closed slightly from its current position, and should not be a persistent issue if the flue is performing efficiently.


It can be accompanied by the occasional rattling of the air slider, once again this is quite normal and not a fault. If you are worried that it is becoming persistent then this could be related to excessive flue pressure as this increases the likelihood of a reed effect as above. Your installer should be contacted if this is the case.


On occasion you may hear a 'ticking' noise from the stove, this can be due to the varying rates of thermal expansion whilst the different materials used to make the stove are heating up and cooling down.