Why Choose A Freestanding Stove For Your Home?

There’s a great deal of engineering, new technology and testing involved in making today’s wood-burning stoves, and there can be a wide range of options to choose from. A “free-standing” stove means that it is not installed into a fireplace, but instead will stand on legs or pedestals a few inches above the floor, making it an extremely versatile option.

With suitability for many locations and its high efficiency rate, a freestanding stove releases heat slowly, diffusing it to give an even output throughout the room.

Contemporary Living

An elegant feature slotted neatly into a bright, spacious room or a dramatic centrepiece that provides wow factor, our contemporary stoves let you create the look you want. Clean-cut lines and big viewing windows emphasise the beauty of the fire whilst offering top efficiency ratings.

Farringdon Modern Freestanding Stove

Compact and efficient, our Farringdon range comes in small, medium and large sizes, providing a stylish and contemporary freestanding option for heating the home.  Epitomising the finest of British design with innovative technology, this range delivers outstanding all-round performance and long burn times. With the ability to burn at low levels for more than 10 hours, the Farringdon fearures exceptional controllability alongside a large fire viewing glass.

Contemporary i600 Slimline Freestanding Stove

Available in short and mid heights, this modern multifuel freestanding stove is certain to make an impressive centrepiece in your home. Despite an output of less than 5kW and a slimline body, the i600 SLF features an all-new full glass door offering an unlimited view of its flames.

Timeless Classics

Within the Arada range, you’ll find models that epitomise traditional design. These stoves are equally at home inside a red-bricked chimneybreast of a cosy cottage or glowing within the grand fireplace of a country home. Either way, they have an abundance of charm and character.

Ecoburn Plus Classic Freestanding Stove

The Ecoburn Plus range of freestanding stoves is visually astounding, with its extensive viewing glass. Offering more choice over the type of fuel burnt through our Flexifuel System, Ecoburn Plus stoves provide outstanding efficiencies along with all the features that have become synonymous with our stylish stoves. The Widescreen model also provides an extra wide viewing glass, as well ask a larger firebox with more space for your fuel.

Traditional Holborn Freestanding Stove

Epitomising the definition of timeless traditional design, our Holborn freestanding stove features the best heating technology to combine Ecodesign Ready credentials with a traditional style stove.

Hardworking Heating

With designs to suit any setting, boiler stoves from Arada offer the perfect fusion of style and practicality. Our compact multi fuel and wood boiler models are economical, reliable and sustainable. They provide an alternative to traditional central heating systems or work in combination with them. Unrivalled features and performance come as standard.

Ecoboiler HE

Providing more than just superior performance, the Ecoboiler HE (high efficiency) has a large fire door glass and soft curved lines, offering an attractive focal point for any living area. Regardless of whether you burn wood or solid fuel, these freestanding boiler stoves have the technology to keep your home warm and cosy. On top of its stylish appearance, discreet thermostatic control and three bar operating pressure, its ability to produce 50% more heat to water than other boiler stoves ensures the Ecoboiler is the ultimate heating companion. 

Our freestanding stoves can be up to three times as efficient when compared to an open fire, where the majority of the heat generated can escape up the chimney rather than heating your home and helping to reduce fuel costs. Contact us to find out more about our range!

Freestanding Contemporary stoves

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Posted by Rob Wiltshire
26th September, 2019.

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