Top Tips For Styling Your Wood Burning Stove

It’s not just the warmth of a stove that makes an indoor fireplace so appealing, especially at this festive time of the year. Fires have been used in the English country home for as long as people have been living in buildings. It’s almost impossible to replicate the feel that a real wood-burning stove brings into the home with its smoky smell, crackling sounds and warm light.

However, although most useful and practical throughout the colder months, stoves can also create an attractive centrepiece throughout the rest of the year too. The fireplace should be the heart of the room – a focal point as well as a source of heat.

Whether your interior style is dramatic, cosy or minimal, we’re giving you some of our top tips for decorating your stove and fireplace to look great all year round.

Arada i600 Slimline Freestanding Low stove in Spice red in stylish contemporary pastel-coloured room


Be bold and add a pop of colour with a brightly painted stove. Greens, red and oranges make a real statement in a living room and work especially well both through the winter and the summer months.

The Arada stoves come in a range of seven colours, including Atlantic (blue) and Spice (red), so there will be something to suit every style of home.

Farringdon Eco freestanding wood burning stove in Mist grey with colour-matched optional pedestal


Styling your wood burner doesn’t have to be elaborate. Try a minimalist look for a clean, modern look in simple grey or complementary black and white.

Ecoburn Plus 7 inset stove with plant draped over unlit stove


Use your wood-burning stove as an opportunity to display botanical plants and elegant ornaments to accessorise the room. This is a great way to showcase your own personal style, with those final finishing touches that really bring a home to life. Buy a fire toolkit for your hearth, including tongs, a brush and an ash-scraper, to help clean up and look interesting when not in use.

Ecoburn Plus 5 Widescreen stove in lit in fireplace in modern room with green walls and peach-coloured sofa and armchair

Make It Social

There’s nothing more inviting than an sofa by the fireplace, and you can often find yourself sitting for hours by a fire, with a friend, putting the world to rights. Arrange comfortable sofas around a classic wood-burning stove to encourage family, friends and guests to linger just that little bit longer by the flickering flames.

Hardy 4 stove lit by window, tiled floor with grey fur rug

A Cosy Nook

Maybe the best way to use the space, in our opinion! Pull up a big, comfy armchair, stack a pile of books and arrange some hardy houseplants to make a comfortable corner of the home that is suitable for snuggling up in all year round!

Hardy 5 stove lit with black teapot in rustic/contemporary room

Kitchen Stoves

Wood-burning stoves in the kitchen continue to be a comforting way of generating heat in the winter months. However, with careful planning, you can make use of your kitchen stove all year round. Think about how you might be able to blend your stove in as part of the kitchen units and, if there’s enough room on top, you may even be able to use it with suitable pots and pans.

We hope our blog post has inspired you to get creative with decorating your wood-burning stove and fireplace – enjoy the flames and the fire throughout the next few months, but don’t abandon it come spring! We look forward to seeing how you choose to decorate the focal point in your room – let us know how you get on.

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Posted by Rebecca Daniels
1st December, 2019.

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