Multi-­Coloured Wood Burning Stoves

Although most useful and practical throughout the colder months, stoves create an attractive focal point throughout the year. Aesthetics can be just as important as the actual functionality of the appliance for the home, especially when picking a stove, which can ultimately end up becoming the heart of the home.

Unlike other aspects of our homes that can be updated with the changing of trends, stove installation is a long-­term fixture that, if cared for and maintained properly, can last a lifetime. Especially here at Arada, where we offer a Lifetime Guarantee on our stoves!

So it’s no real surprise that most people will tend to choose a classic black or charcoal colour for their stove, as it is timeless and will see you through the years, no matter what the trend of the time is.

However, we like to encourage people to express themselves with their home décor and we also like to stand out from the crowd! With that in mind, all of our Contemporary Living and Timeless Classic stoves are available in a choice of seven distinctive colours, designed to make an impactful statement in all styles of homes. So, why not be bold and add a pop of colour with a brightly painted stove!

Atlantic Blue Wood Burning Stoves - Striking and Stylish

Greens, reds and oranges make a real statement in a living room, especially during the summer months. Our coloured stoves are available in a rich russet red Spice colour, while our Atlantic is a sophisticated blue shade perfectly on-trend as Pantone has just announced it’s much anticipated Colour of the Year: Classic Blue.

Featuring a matte finish that works perfectly with the striking blue colour, the Atlantic finish is guaranteed to make a real eye-catching statement within the home. Pair with crisp white walls, complementary shades of pastel pink or warm terracotta for an interior scheme that is as cosy as it is stylish.

Farringdon stove in Atlantic blue with optional blue log store

Farringdon Small Eco stove in Chestnut brown

Chestnut – Rustic Wood Burning Stoves – Authentic and Earthy

Metallic finishes are also extremely popular within interiors when paired with colours. Our Chestnut coloured stove, with its warm bronzed finish, is ideal for introducing an element of metal into the home and also looks stunning when the stove is lit, with the rustic shades of the firewood and flames complementing the rich, shimmering tone.

Mist – Silver Wood Burning Stoves – Chic and Contemporary

If you’re looking to emulate the ever-popular Scandi trend or wish to create a calming interior filled with white and silvery tones, then our Mist coloured stove is the one for you. This striking shade looks beautiful in any home and works well when teamed with a contrasting black fluepipe.

Farringdon Eco (Mist grey colour) freestanding wood burning stove

Ecoburn 5 Widescreen stove in Sandcastle cream

Sandcastle – Cream-Coloured Wood Burners – Light and Reflective

A popular choice for many, we’re seeing lots of customers opt for cream wood burners lately. With its warm ivory tones, a cream log burner is a great choice for sunny and bright living spaces and will also brighten up darker rooms thanks to its reflective light tones. The perfect complementary shade to glowing amber flames, a cream wood burning stove emits a comforting feel when lit.

Spice – Red Wood Burner Stoves – A Touch of Warmth

There’s no better statement then a red stove. Exotic and spicy, a red wood burning stove is guaranteed to add a touch of fiery warmth into your home. Perfect for bold interior schemes, or neutrally decorated rooms, the stove will stand proud in your living space, creating an eye-catching focal point that won’t disappoint.

Farringdon Eco freestanding wood burning stove shown in Spice (red colour)

Holborn Gas stove in Midnight Black

Midnight – Black – A Timeless Wood Burner Design

Exuding a timeless and classic look, a wood burning stove in Midnight is a popular choice for many homeowners. Exuding a traditional aesthetic, black pairs perfectly with all interior schemes and looks striking when paired with a matching fluepipe. An elegant and effortlessly stylish choice.

Slate – Dark Grey Wood Burning Stoves - A Softer Shade of Dark

If you’re looking for a wood burner that’s timeless, but with a softer aesthetic, then a grey wood burner is the perfect stove for you. Opt for grey limestone slabs for your hearth to perfectly complement the stove.

I600 Low freestanding stove shown in Slate grey colour

Mix & Match Colours

At Arada, you don’t have to stick to just one colour! With a range of bases available to choose from, including log stores and pedestals, why not opt for a colour clash effect and mix and match? Red and blue is our favourite!

We hope our blog post has inspired you to think outside the box when it comes to choosing your wood burning stove. If you do choose to make a statement and add a burst of colour with your stove, then let us know and tag us over on our social media channels.


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Posted by Megan Collyer
22nd April, 2021.

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