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Environmentally Friendly Wood burning stoves

It’s a known fact that relatively high emissions come from old stoves and open fires. Lack of maintenance and bad burning practice coupled with poor quality fuel choice leads to visible smoke, which in turn affects the air quality in both homes and in the wider environment. In an effort to combat these issues, a new European-wide law that aims to lower emissions and improve air quality is being brought into effect from 2022. Known as Ecodesign, this policy has passed through the House of Commons.

Our new stoves meet this legislation to make it easier for customers when buying a new stove. And it’s not just about the stove, burning wood responsibly is about correct fuel use and the best way to control your stove to minimise particulates and emissions, coupled with expert installation. Our Ecodesign Ready stoves are designed to comply with the latest regulations, producing far fewer emissions than an open fire or old style stove and ensuring this new era of home heating is successful in improving our air quality.

Read on for four steps to burn well…

  • 1. Choose a low particulate stove and install it correctly

    Use an installer who is part of a registered competent person scheme and can educate you on how to use your appliance correctly.

    Farringdon Small Eco stove

    Choose a wood burner that is the best match for your home

  • 2. Burn DRY wood.

    Burn dry, sustainable and seasoned fire wood with moisture content of 20% or less. Use a moisture meter to test the levels in your wood to ensure it is ready to burn. 

    wood logs
  • 3. Always follow manufacturer’s instructions.

    Only refuel onto a hot ember bed, never when flames are present and avoid treated or painted wood as this emits harmful fumes.

    Farringdon Small Eco stove
  • 4. Give your stove some TLC.

    Have your chimney swept at least once a year and get your stove regularly serviced. Keep an eye on parts that may need replacing to ensure the best burning environment.

    Take good care of your stove

What’s more, our stoves are made with the love and craftsmanship of British design and therefore are built to last. All our stoves come with an industry leading stove body guarantee, so as long as your stove is purchased from one of our authorised retailers and installed following the correct environmental regulations, your stove should stand the test of time.

And there you have it, the more environmentally friendly way to keep yourself warm is to choose an Ecodesign ready Arada stove!

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Posted by Rob Wiltshire
1st February, 2018.

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