Everything you Need to Know About Electric Fires

A modern heating solution that doesn't involve burning wood, provides instant heat and has strong visual appeal.

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Ellere 1500mm wide electric fire in living room

Electric Stoves: Your Questions Answered

At Arada, we’ve recently introduced a new electric fire range called Ellere. Perfect for those seeking a contemporary interior with a cosy, homely feel, the Ellere combines modern looks with ease of use. Lit at the touch of a button, or perhaps programmed to switch on ready for your arrival home, the Ellere provides instant heat and a wonderful flame view any time it is required. The ideal solution if you live in a city environment and are less keen on burning logs, or for those of you who are not able to install a wood burning stove, an electric fire provides that comforting focal point that so many of us gravitate towards.

Is an Electric Fire Better for the Environment?

The Ellere Electric Fire is ERP (Energy Related Product) compliant, which is a government legislation that ensures the product meets specific measures relating to its energy usage. This reduces the product’s environmental impact, improves energy efficiency and cuts greenhouse gas emissions, meaning you’re choosing a home heating appliance that is better for the environment.

How Much Heat Does an Electric Fire Emit?

Our Ellere Electric Fires have adjustable thermostats and provide a 1400-1600W heat output – plenty to heat a large room with. It’s important to always consider your room size and configuration when installing any kind of stove – at Arada we’re more than happy to advise.

Ellere 1500mm wide electric fire in dining room

How Many Sizes of Electric Fires are there?

There are four sizes of the Ellere Electric Fire to choose from. The EL110R, EL130R, EL150R and the EL180R, all with 1-sided, 2-sided and 3-sided build-in fitting options so you can decide which view you’d like when you come to install your fire.

How Do I Install an Electric Fire?

  1. First of all, you need to decide where the fire will be fitted and measure the space using the dimensions provided, making sure that the fire fits. This could require you to build a plinth into which the fire can be recessed.
  2. Remove the fire unit from the box and place it on a clean, soft, dry surface.
  3. Check the parts list to make sure you have everything required.
  4. When fitting the fire, following the instructions provided on the manual and don’t forget to add the relevant side panels to achieve your desired look.
  5. Recycle all packaging material at your local recycling centre.

How Many Heat and Flame Options Does an Electric Stove Have?

The Ellere has an incredible 144 setting variations to choose from, including numerous brightness options, flame heights and dramatic coloured effects to ensure stunning visual appeal for every mood.

How should I Style my Electric Stove?

Ideal as part of a media wall, or even positioned in the dining room or open plan kitchen, an electric fire is a fantastic addition to the home. Pair with neutral walls and a few monochromatic accessories for a seriously stylish space. The perfect setting for the Ellere to shine from, a calming scheme sets the scene for a cosy evening.

We’ve popped some of our favourite transformations below to help inspire you.

Let us know your favourite!


Photo of Ellere Electric Fire installation. Courtesy of @Alizeslifestyle


Photo of Ellere Electric Fire installation. Courtesy of @bestlife_style_


Photo of Ellere Electric Fire installation. Courtesy of @lockdown_lifestyle


Photo of Ellere Electric Fire installation. Courtesy of @The_robinsonfamily_abode

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Posted by Megan Collyer
22nd March, 2022.

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