The Wellbeing Benefits of Wood Burners

Wood burners are ideal for creating a cosy home and they can have a positive effect on our mental health too.

Wood burning and multi-fuel stoves are much more than home heating appliances. Creating a cosy, homely feeling, and a spot for family and friends to gather around and chat, a wood burner isn't just a functional purchase. Providing comfort, joy and enhancing relationships, read on to discover all of the ways a wood burning stove can enhance the wellbeing of yourself and others.


Lighting the fire at the end of a long day helps to draw a line under the stresses of the outside world. Creating clear distinction between work and home, a lit fire can reduce our blood pressure. It encourages us to slow down, to think more clearly and provides us with a feeling of comfort and security. 

Mood Enhancing

A lit fire can dramatically lift our mood. On a cold, dreary, winter’s night, there’s nothing more appealing than cosying up by the open flames. Warmth has a great effect on our happiness, so combined with a gentle glow, our spirits can quickly be lifted.

Arada Ecoburn 5 Widescreen stove in fireplace

Arda Hoxton stove on optional pedestal next to cosy armchair

Creating a Cosy Home

Competing with the kitchen for being the heart of the home, a wood burning stove brings a warm and intimate feeling to homes, making them inviting spaces that you’ll long to be back in whenever you’re away.


Encouraging escapism, without the TV on, yet a spot to relax in the warmth, sit back and recline with a good book to completely switch off from everyday life.

Family Bonding

Having a wood burning stove in the sitting room is a great addition to family life. With a new focal point in the room that isn’t the TV, family will want to gather together to share in the heat. The perfect spot for some afternoon board games or a jigsaw puzzle, a fire will encourage more time with the family, without the constant distractions of the TV or mobile phones.

A wood burner will also encourage talking. Rarely would we sit in a room without the TV on, but a stove creates a new centrepiece, which encourages family and friends to be together and open up about the day gone by.

Once the kids are asleep, settle down with just the two of you with a glass of your favourite red and spend some quality time together without distraction; which is key to a good relationship.

Hamlet 5 Compact multifuel stove

Ideal for enhancing our wellbeing, a wood burner has so many benefits that will enhance our lives. Check out our latest ranges here – all of which are EcoDesign Ready and clearSkies approved, so you can be sure you’re choosing a wood burning or multi-fuel stove that’s better for the environment.


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Posted by Megan Collyer
12th November, 2021.

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